Mariana Caracas

I am sure we can make the difference for the good through the experience and the services we offer!


She loves people and what she does is both her weakness and her strength. 10 years ago she chose to have a social profession with a degree in Psycho-pedagogy, to inspire and to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the work "Person to Person".

The master's program she holds: Counseling for family problems, helps her to see that beyond the problems that someone faces, there is a remedy and a new beginning "ANYWHERE AND ANYWHERE", starting from the desire of the transformation person.

Motivated to increase the quality of the services she offers, he chose to invest in her own education, because she considers it the safest investment.

Trainer accredited by ANC Romania, with over 70 seminars and practical workshops held on various topics at local and national level, exceeding 3000 hours spent in front of the public.

 Expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and project management, over 7 projects with EU investment obtained and implemented.

Mental Arithmetic trainer / trainer


The mission of life, to live in harmony with oneself, to be an agent of change in the community and in the lives of other people.